President to Open Lake Toba Khatulistiwa Festival

President Joko Widodo is scheduled to open the Khatulistiwa Festival in Lake Toba, Simalungun District, North Sumatra.

“The frequent visit of the President and Vice President to North Sumatra showed seriousness of the central government to encourage development, tourism in North Sumatra in particular, and it must be recognized and backed by the people of North Sumatra,” North Sumatra Governor H.T. Erry Nuradi said in Medan on Tuesday.

The numerous development projects, particularly in infrastructure, will greatly help North Sumatra in developing its economy.

With decent roads, transportation cost could be cheaper so production prices can be suppressed.

A good infrastructure will attract tourists to visit tourism sites in North Sumatra, said Erry.

“North Sumatra itself must be proud and pleased as Lake Toba is now named one of the main tourism destinations in Indonesia by providing all the support,” he said.

The festival will be in the form of decorading ships in Lake Toba.

“Continuous solid support from the central government must be responded by SKPD (regional working unit) in each department by working more optimally, including society,” he said.

If North Sumatra is unsafe, how would investors want to invest and attract tourists, said Erry.

“The momentum where Lake Toba is named one of the main tourism destinations in Indonesia must be used by North Sumatra as a powerful driver of the North Sumatra economy, which has rely on foreign exchange and export,” said the North Sumatra Governor.


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